About Us 

Ad Astra is a women led studio based in Pune . Our mission is to design and

make handmade works for our clients. 

Here are some words from the owner : Divya Jagtap .

After studying design in Milan at Istituto Marangoni, I could see how intricately bound design and fashion are. This lead to a curiosity quest of researching and eventually falling in love with jewellery design.  Ad Astra is my ode to nature’s many beautiful forms and is the prime inspiration behind all my designs. I work with mediums like resin , wood and acrylic and now metals and precious stones. 

The idea behind Ad Astra was also to address a new community that wants to invest in 


demi fine jewellery that can be stacked and worn stress free on vacations, beaches and parties . We are focusing on making quality, sustainable jewelry that can be worn everyday instead of wearing gold. 

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Instagram : @adastrabydivya