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Holiday Essentials : Jewellery Edit

Every holiday season needs some essentials such as homemade food , wonderfully prepared cocktails and a little sparkly ring or pair of earrings.

Ad Astra by Divya has some exclusive and one of a kind jewels.

Our latest collections are designed in 24k gold plated jewellery, the base is stainless steel or brass.

These are not just ordinary jewels but they're waterproof as well. What more do you need for a perfect holiday weekend in the countryside !

Ad Astra by Divya's jewellery is also perfect for gifting during wedding season or Christmas holidays. We have jewellery not just for women but for men too.

Many of our designs are unisex and can be worn by everyone

So let's go ahead and have a wonderful holiday season with our holiday essential jewellery from Ad Astra by Divya.

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  • Waterproof jewellery

  • Anti-tarnish necklace

  • Gold plated Demi fine earrings

  • Homegrown brand from India

  • Support small business

  • Vocal for Local India

  • @adastrabydivya

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