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Oro Textured Ring

Oro Textured Ring

₹1,500.00 Regular Price
₹1,125.00Sale Price

Textured , and comes in two colour options - gold and silver.

This ring is gender fluid and so much fun ! 

  • Jewellery Care

    General Care :

    All metals, stones (and beings) on this planet are susceptible to damage from its elements around them over time . We as a species can skill-fully adapt and make it better. Just like that your Ad Astra jewels are precious so there are a few things you can adapt to maintain the life of your precious metal friend :

    We recommend giving your jewellery occasional breaks from wear, and storing them in a jewellery organiser. Our pouches are perfect for traveling with your jewellery. 

    Gold Plated Tarnish Proof Metals :