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International Women’s Day 2021 Sale & Giveaway

Now more than ever it’s time to salute and stand by our sisters, mothers and besties ! I realised that so many front line healthcare workers during the pandemic were these Amazing strong women and what a great job they have been doing, these women all across the globe have created a inspiring story for all of us this year and this is just a small gesture as a tribute to all you wonder women !

A tribute to all you Wonder Women

For the month of March 2021 we will be having a Giveaway on our Instagram page. Link is at the top Of our page (@adastra_designs)

and it’s open worldwide 🌏

so go come join us and celebrate women owned businesses and women in general!

We are also having a SALE this month. It will be 15% off all Ad Astra Designs products purchased from this website. I am super thrilled and looking forward to seeing you all on Instagram for our giveaway. take care , stay safe and fabulous 💕

- Ad Astra Designs

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